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Time for our close-up: The astonishing blue-eyed gaze of the twin newborn panther cubs

Showtime: The eyes of one of the panther cubs appears to match the green of the grass around her as she stares unflinchingly at the camera

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Random Inspiration 185

On my page you can expect to see people of all genders, including but not limited to: women with penises. Please do not be alarmed. I assure you this is perfectly natural. You may even know some similar individuals in real life, even if you are not...

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Being black and bulletproof is handy.

Because He's Black Panther!.

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PHOTOS: ZooBorns' 25 Cutest Baby Animals

Since the it has been considered politically incorrect to call a black cat a black panther. The big black cats are black leopards or black jaguars and are not referred to as black panthers by anyone who knows anything about big cats.

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~~panther | n elusive and powerful animal that has adapted well to a variety of habitats around the world, and is known to be one of the strongest climbers of all felines | wikipedia~~

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Ah! So this is why it cut Cap's shield in {Spoilers} Civil War! #SonGokuKakarot

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Captain America Civil War

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An entry from Leisure for Mutt Dogs

black he sees

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The Dark Knight

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