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Black Ops 2 - Ray Gun Mark II Patched Into Game Early by Mistake

Black Ops 2 – Ray Gun Mark II Patched Into Game Early by Mistake Visit our website for more details -


This is a photoshop PMC Soldier concept art from Call of Duty Black Ops 2 by Eric Chiang. The thing I like about this is how the materials have very distinct textures as it shows how the materials would look in real life. I could use this in my GDD as it would give me an idea of what the clothing and armour is made from, and how rigid it would be when the character moves


Call of duty ghosts logic. They are so annoying unless they're yours, then they're pure amazingness!


Fallout 4 - Xbox One Bethesda


It's always about internet connection and it will always be!


Call of duty: black ops 3 iii - xbox one new factory sealed world bestseller

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11 Jokes Only "Call Of Duty" Fans Will Get

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