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Plague doctor...the "beak" would contain herbs that would help to protect the Doctor from contracting the disease. It was basically useless...of course they didn't realize how disease was spread and the different methods of cross contamination, etc...


The Middle Ages - The Black Death

The Middle Ages - The Black Death An epidemic thought to be bubonic plague that swept across Asia, Africa, and Europe in the 1300s, decimating approximately 1/4th of the known world's population.

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A medicina do passado em 25 fotos arrepiantes e históricas que todos devem ver

Plague doctors in the and century wore these creepy masks to avoid breathing in putrid air, which they believed would cause infection. The beaks were filled with perfume. Popular scents were balm mint leaves, ambergris, cloves, camphor, myrrh, and rose.


"As may be seen on picture here, In Rome the doctors do appear, When to their patients they are called, In places by the plague appalled, Their hats and cloaks, of fashion new, Are made of oilcloth, dark of hue, Their caps with glasses are designed, Their bills with antidotes all lined, That foulsome air may do no harm, Nor cause the doctor man alarm, The staff in hand must serve to show Their noble trade where'er they go."-Dr. Nathaniel Hodges

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26 Times History Was Perfectly Summed Up By Tumblr

When they cracked the key to Poland's success at avoiding the Black Death.


Kenric Uland - a Guardian of the Senate, who learns of the coming coup and tries to get innocent people like Antessa and Netolia out of its path before it strikes.