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Design for a printed cotton by William Kilburn. Floral design with an occasional piece of coral and a seaweed-like plant on a black background.

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War: A Personal Connection (A Level Art)

I like this sketchbook due to the dark colours in the background and the technique used to do this. The background is completely filled using paint in layers. The dark browns and reds make a background for the writtten work - these colours are roughly joined with cool colours which make a detailed water and boat scene. I like the way the writing becomes part of he painting. . The overall effect is breathtaking.

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Black Floral Oriental Cushion Vinyl Wallpaper 822526

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ARTFINDER: Pearl Poppy Dance by Amanda Dagg - Original duck egg blue poppy painting on canvas with a butterfly. Textured with silver, grey black background. Deep edge canvas - ready to hang from parcel b...

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Cabbage on Black Background by Susanna Blaxill "The blues, greens and purples in this cabbage study appeared most vibrant and exciting when set against a black background. A looser watercolour style was used to express the flowing hues of the subject, and the generous character of the plant." Susannah is a modern Australian artist specializing in botanical watercolors and pencil drawings. Her life and work are featured on

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Mark Rothko. His paintings have really got to be seen to be fully appreciated. Seeing them fills me with a special kind of reverie.

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Billy Kidd - Beautiful Decay

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Oystercatcher by Chris Rose The idea for this linocut evolved whilst painting a picture that featured sand ripples. I liked the challenge of paring down all the subtle tones and colours of the scene into simple black and white shapes. By the simple addition of the solid black reflection of the bird bisected by white-rimmed horizontals the impression of water is achieved. The curved lines of the sleeping oystercatcher contrasted nicely with the horizontals of the background. SOLD OUT

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