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Skull face paint. Start with a well blended white face. Sponge on black around the mouth and eyes and nose. Blend out softly. Add teeth with a brush.

from Mail Online

Time for our close-up: The astonishing blue-eyed gaze of the twin newborn panther cubs

Showtime: The eyes of one of the panther cubs appears to match the green of the grass around her as she stares unflinchingly at the camera


"Lank hair was plastered to his forehead; his eyes were rimmed in red, and the blue of the iris was a slim halo around the black holes of his pupils." Chapter 7

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What is wet doesn’t fear the rain (Episode 13)

What is wet doesn’t fear the rain (Episode 13) - - If we tell you we’re camping under the rain and still smiling, do you think we’re crazy ? But if we tell you that this very rain will allow wild animals to survive and save farmer’s crop, do you still think we’re crazy ? #overland #overlanding #adventuretravel #travel #Africa, #Namibia

Peter Randell-Page I like these drawings because they seem to jump off of the page and I like how he translates these into his sculptures

from J. Claire's Inspiration Gallery

thegiftsoflife: Kate Menson

from the Guardian

Flashback: Bridget Riley at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool