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Frances Davies - O americană în Mexic [2006 / Română] [Fiction & Literature] :: Torrents.Md - BitTorrent Tracker Moldova

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Pirate Bay founders asked to cough up the cash

Pirate Bay founders asked to cough up the cash | A number of music labels have requested money from the owners of the Pirate Bay, after the site is said to be still up and running. Buying advice from the leading technology site

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Bohemian Grove Encampment July 7/8 – July 26/27 - The Truth Report - Exposing the spin and lies of mainstream media

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Is that a sunflower or a beanstalk? 'Eiffel Flower' soars to 23ft in back garden and heads for world record

23 ft tall sunflower shows no sign of slowing down. Anything can be....


Running a Torrent Tracker For Fun Can Be a Headache While torrents will work without them trackers are very handy for quickly finding other BitTorrent peers with the same content. Theyre also essential for those who have DHT and PEX disabled in their clients. Often run by people with an interest in the technology public trackers are incapable of generating funds in their own right. This means that from a financial perspective theres almost no incentive to run one. The important thing to…


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