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The Plant That Kills Cancer Cells, Stops Diabetes And Boosts Your Immune System!

When you think of melon, you probably think of long summer days spent on the beach or porch chewing on sweet, crisp fruit. However, if you’re from the Caribbean or Asia, bitter melon may also come to mind. The strange fruit may look like a lumpy cucumber or a sad gourd, but it’s one of the healthiest foods on the planet. |

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How to Prepare Bitter Melon: A Photo Tutorial

How to Prepare Bitter Melon: A Photo Tutorial: Remove the Seeds


Bitter Gourd and its beauty side

Bitter gourd is also known as Bitter melon. It is known as the best natural blood purifiers. Intake of bitter gourd or using as a mask results in glowing skin and protects the skin cells from getting damaged.


The bitterness of the bitter melon mysteriously disappears when you use it in this salad. It's a dish that could be both Japanese and Western.


NATURAL INSULIN FIX Bitter melon (also known as bitter gourd) contains a hypoglycemic compound (a plant insulin) that is highly beneficial in lowering sugar levels in blood and urine. Bitter melon juice has been shown to significantly improve glucose tolerance without increasing blood insulin levels. JUICE RECIPE: * 1 medium-sized bitter gourd * 2 green apples * 1/4 slice lemon or 1/2 a lime * A thumb-sized piece of ginger (optional)

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5 Bitter Melon Recipes: The Ancient Healing Fruit

Bitter melon recipes are rarer than supplements, but when properly prepared, the acrid flavor of the gourd vanishes, and its health benefits can be reaped.

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Cancer Cells Will HATE You For Drinking Bitter Melon Juice And Here's Why

Fitting into the stereotypical if-it’s-good-for-me-it-can’t-taste-good category, bitter melon may look funny (like a warty cucumber) and may have a sharp taste, but it kills cancer cells.Commonly used in Chinese cooking and medicine, the juice of bitter melons (also known as bitter gourd or karela) contains an enzyme that inhibits the transportation of glucose (sugar), cutting off cancer cells’ food supply. Click on the link below for the full video.


How to Grow Organic Bitter Gourd in a Pot - Step By Step Along With Pictures.