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∆ Rainbow Obsidian...A rainbow obsidian heart is a wonderful crystal to use to nurture and rejuvenate your heart after experiencing an emotional trauma, such as a broken heart or period of grief. Lay the rainbow obsidian heart over your heart, with the heart patterned side facing down, and bring yourself face to face with your emotions in order to heal.

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Coming out using chemistry…

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280g Purple Aura Quartz Crystal Titanium Bismuth Silicon Cluster Rainbow S69

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Bismuth. (Need to learn about this, really pretty.) Element Bi Atomic number 83 but there is A LOT of information on this. Many forms of it, one is used in making Pepto B. Some forms with lead and arsenic. Chemists and Physicists understand it, it's pretty to me in this form.)

Silver Crystals: These silver crystals were electrochemically grown from a solution of silver nitrate, using silver electrodes. The field of view is 18 mm and is composed of 92 individual photos, combined using focus stacking.

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Stabulous. I really want these. - I do too. But when would we use them? - OH MY GOD!!!!! I CAN FINALLY KILL MY ENEMIES FABULOUSLY!!!!!!!!

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