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Coming out using chemistry…

Coming out using chemistry… As a bisexual chemistry lover,I bloody absolutely love this.


This is a picture of a naturally-occurring Bismuth crystal. They are amazing and have awesome commercial and pharmaceutical benefits… but not for your skin. Many makeup companies use a derivative of this ore in their cosmetics because it has that beautiful iridescence to it. They advertise the benefits of “natural” ingredients in mineral makeup. Well arsenic is natural too, and Bismuth Oxychloride has a very similar chemical structure to arsenic! This ingredient is a by-prod...

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How to Use Healing Crystals

Dieser Regenbogen-farbene Bismut Kristall schimmert in den schönsten Farben des Lebens - Interessante Neuigkeiten aus der Welt auf : BuzzerStar News -

∆ Rainbow Obsidian...A rainbow obsidian heart is a wonderful crystal to use to nurture and rejuvenate your heart after experiencing an emotional trauma, such as a broken heart or period of grief. Lay the rainbow obsidian heart over your heart, with the heart patterned side facing down, and bring yourself face to face with your emotions in order to heal.


This is an interesting magazine cover because they use their brand name and portray it in their photo. In the photo they use black hands covered in the printing colors; cyan, magenta, and yellow. This makes the magazine brand stand out

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Sweet Minerals Eyeshadow - Love the Game (New)NWT

Sweet Minerals Eyeshadow - Love the Game (New) Sweet Minerals Eye Shadow - Love the Game (New). Original production size of 1gm (vs .5 - lasts about a year with daily wear). This makeup lasts so long, I'm trying to get rid of my stock because I can't use it fast enough. This is 18 hour wear with no bismuth or talc (I'm allergic to bismuth so this is great for those who can't wear Bare Minerals or Sheer Cover). 4x concentrated so a little goes a very long way. Excellent coverage all day…

Silver Crystals: These silver crystals were electrochemically grown from a solution of silver nitrate, using silver electrodes. The field of view is 18 mm and is composed of 92 individual photos, combined using focus stacking.

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Bismuth Tote Bag by Nymphet

Our quality crafted Tote Bags are hand sewn in America using durable, yet…