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Birthday Message To Brother

#BIRTHDAY #BLESSINGS comfort for a friend who may feel old: Don't Fret about your age: God made you - Psalm 139 - & has special plan for you. Jeremiah 29:11, HOPE. But if you blow it: Just pray and return to God and He'll guide you from the DETOUR you made in your life. - HAPPY BIRTHDAY FACEBOOK! Encouraging highway greetings to share on social media or by email to a friend or family member... or boss or pastor or...

Brother, sister birthday card - Being related to me/us is really the only gift you need. Just saying. Auntie, uncle, cousin card. Funny card


A message will be sent to you in heaven on 5/5/14 Daz... For your birthday on the 9/5/14... We're having a BBQ for your birthday... XXX


Birthday Fuckwit|Rude Happy Birthday Card Happy Birthday Fuckwit. Be careful who you give this birthday card to and make sure it's a great present. Perfect for your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, brother or sister. And if you're feeling really courageous, your dad or mum.


Happy Birthday Brother - A Brother is someone with fun-loving ways, with wit and good humor to spare. He does thoughtful things, without any fuss, and when you’re in trouble he’s there. A Brother is more than just part of the family, he’s also a friend through and through. And that’s a description, that certainly fits, a wonderful Brother like YOU!


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