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Birth Month Meanings

August+Birth+Month+Flower | Birth stones and birth flowers - Kiwi Families


What Does Your Birth Date Mean?- Born on the 17th Hmmmmmm......some of this is true and some of it I'm not so sure of.


You have an attractive and vibrant personality. You are a social animal and like to party. You make new friends very easily. You are known for your good sense of humor. At times, you are very obstinate. You can forgive but you not forget easily. In your love life, you tend to be choosy in your search for the perfect partner.

October Flower Of The Month | Flowers of the month

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Birth Month Flowers

There is more to a birth month than stones. Learn more about birth month flowers - each one of them has a special meaning, symbolism and a wonderful story. #birth #month #flowers

The month of August is almost over. That means Colorado Birth month is almost over. I like to give my guests a small  "Thank you for v...

October Birth month #October #birthday #Libra


What Does Your Birth Date Mean?- Born on the 2nd


Birth Correspondences: June Birth Month | #birthcorrespondences #borninjune #june