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Tom and I have decided to get married in Greece! Would love this, but I think the flowers would die pretty quick...

from Etsy

Flip Flop Wedding Invitations

Flip Flop wedding invitations - perfect for a beach wedding whether at home or a destination overseas/abroad.


If Corporations Are People… I want to see the birth certificate....And, they have to die at 70 years old!

Breaking = Obama’s Sister Maya Soetoro’s Long Form Vault Birth Certificate From Indonesia, Has Hawaii COLB Just Like dispute she was born in Indonesia, so why does she too have Hawaii birth certificate? Political Vel Craft

After years of promoting the theory that President Barack Obama was born in a foreign country -- one that has been consistently debunked by fact-checkers -- Donald Trump reversed course on Sept. 16, 2016, and said Obama was born in the United States.

Trump also claims that Obama & Clinton are the literal "founders of ISIS." A conservative radio host said that Trump must mean that they created the circumstances for ISIS, but Trump insisted they literally founded it. Despite the fact that ISIS arose before Obama & Clinton were in office. Then there's Trump's claim that Obama was born in Kenya & he's still telling that lie even though Obama produced his long form birth certificate. But Natalie was a traitor for opposing the Iraq War. WOW!