The real Peaky Blinders: Victorian gang who terrorised the streets of Birmingham and sewed razor blades into their caps to headbutt rivals

Peaky Blinders Harry Fowler, Ernest Bayles, Stephen McHickie and Thomas Gilbert The gang earned its chilling nickname through the practice of sewing razor blades into the peaks of their flat caps, so that they could blind rival gangsters by headbutting them. They ruled the industrialised areas of Bordesley and Small Heath from the 1880s through to the early 1900s,


Johnny's Death: The Untold Tragedy In Birmingham

On September 15, 1963 Johnny Robinson, age 16, was shot in the back by Birmingham police officer Jack Parker firing from a squad car. Others in the car said the driver going over a bump or hitting his brakes could have caused Parker to fire. Other witnesses heard two shots. Robinson's family never talked about his death, and his brother and sister went to school the next day. Another youth, Virgil Ware, 13, was also killed in the aftermath of the church bombing. #TodayInBlackHistory


Police release photographs of the real Peaky Blinders

Police have revealed never before seen pictures of the real Peaky Blinders, a ruthless Birmingham street gang whose story has inspired a new BBC drama.


Former Birmingham police officer convicted over using force intelligence to help friends

Osman Iqbal faces new sentence for three counts of misconduct in public office after having already been jailed for running a brothel

Terrific image that was taken sometime pre-1960 showing a Birmingham Police officer with police dog and vehicle. West Midland Police UK


The Complete Holiday Fonts Collection

I found this list of fonts really cool to base my fonts off for my postcard, and I also just love the different styles


The aftermath of a Tram accident in April 1946. An early morning "Workman's" Tram gathered speed down Grand Depot Road and derailed at a crossover and plunged into the Co-op in Woolwich New Road. Four people received minor injuries. The local police seem to have it well in hand. The Workman's Tram was introduced by the London County Council when that body ran the most of London's Trams. They were early morning Trams which catered for factory workers at cheaper fare rates. It was also…

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