Keep Squirrels and Deer out of and away from your bird feeders and bird seed! The FeedSavr bird feeder pole keeps squirrels and deer away from your bird feeders at the same time leaving your feeders easily accessible for filling and cleaning! More

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Love the idea of building a copper pole bird feeder stand.....take it one step further and add perching branches too!!!!

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Our new Ivy Bird Table secured in a Chiddingstone Planter. Perfect for the terrace or patio

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Grand Central bird feeding station- love that they included a ground feeder that happens to collect fallen seeds!

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Bird feeder pole. Bought a broken piece of PVC pipe for a $1.00 and an end cap for $2.00. Buried pole 3 ft. in ground. Attached hanging basket brackets at different heights. It's been up for 6 years now and the birds love it.

Previous pinner said: Chris made this. He used 2" pvc pipe instead. I painted it a light green. So far so good! He also made a wooden one with copper pipe...but squirrels can master it. So we hang squirrel proof feeders from that one. Fun! #bird feeder #garden

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