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from The Telegraph

Germany to force women to name biological father of 'cuckoo children'

Women in Germany could be forced to reveal the names of the biological fathers of their children under a proposed new law.

As Bridget careers towards baby-deadline, tortured by Smug Mothers miming her ticking biological clock, a series of classic Bridget Jones moments finally leads her into pregnancy - but just not quite as intended. It's a pregnancy full of cheesy potatoes, outlandish advice from Drunken Singletons and Smug Mothers, chaos at scans and childbirth classes, high jinks and romance, joy and despair - but all of it dominated by the terribly awkward question - 'who's the father?'.

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Lenny Henry's secret father: The truth of six-decade saga is revealed

Success story: Lenny Henry live onstage at the Apollo. But his biological father's story is not such a happy one.  Bertie became a regular in the scruffier pubs near his home and could often be found playing dominos at his local, The Earl of Dudley Arms, known by regulars as ‘the Tatters’

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Learning to Forgive My Daughter's Biological Father

Learning to Forgive My Daughter's Biological Father | Babble

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When John Waters met Little Richard

Little Richard ...he could be from Mars... and, "in the '50s" he was from Mars!


My father was not part of my life at all. Even though this quote is about missing a father after their death- it can relate to me in some ways- No one truly understands how hard it is to not have a dad until you experience it. I believe a father is a vital part of a child's life as well. Mom and Dad do not necessarily need to be married to each other to still be a part of the child's life...


Culinary Argan Oil, like Arnica and Eucalyptus, contains triterpene alcohols. Triterpenoids are biologically active substances. The major triterpenic fractions of Argan oil include butyrospermol (18%) known for its anti-inflammatory action.[1] Culinary Argan Oil is also traditionally used as hepatoprotective agent in case of hypercholesterolemia or atherosclerosis, to reduce cholesterol & treat cardiovascular disease.


A mother asks should she tell her 9 year old daughter that her father is not her real dad?