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I think that every British actor appeared in the movies! I saw an interview with Bill Nighy who said that when he was asked to play Rufus Scrimgeor he was relieved as he felt he was the only actor left in Britain who wasn't in a Harry Potter movie.


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from Harry Potter Wiki

Rufus Scrimgeour

Minister Rufus Scrimgeour (d. 1 August, 1997) originally joined the Ministry of Magic as an Auror, where he became a hardened veteran, spending most of his life fighting Dark Wizards. Eventually he rose to become Head of the Auror Office. During the Second Wizarding War, Scrimgeour was appointed in 1996 to succeed Cornelius Fudge as Minister for Magic. Voldemort, wanting the location of Harry Potter, captured and brutally tortured Scrimgeour, though when Scrimgeour refused to talk, Voldemort…


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