How do you turn a frying pan into a ball? Ask Bill Kazmaier!

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The weight over bar had concluded and I was soon to be crowned the 2016 IHGF World Heavy Events World Champion. Fellow competitors and friends were congratulating me as volunteers and organizers offered their well wishes. I had done it; all the training, all the practice had culminated to this. I was walking to the athletic tent when a certain man pulled me aside. This man was Bill Kazmaier, the strength legend. If you don’t know the “Kaz,” then I can best describe him as the biggest name…

World's Strongest Man Bill Kazmaier is pictured with Randall Crooks of Mackzimise

Meeting Bill Kazmaier worlds strongest man!! Best part of my day #propagandafitness #strong #strength #worldstrongestman #power #icon

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Bill Kazmaier understood the value of a strong back to being an all around great strength athlete.

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Bill Kazmaier Strongman Classic 2016 | PROAM Highlights | Dimitar Savatinov | Martin Licis - YouTube

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