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Tenn. Ag-Gag Bill Vetoed – But King Amendment Looms in Congress


In The Commission Of Sedition/Treason Against The 2nd. Amendment: A Call To Arraign Deadbeats Hillary Clinton & Barry Soetoro ~ A U.N. Or Any International “Treaty” Is Meaningless Against The Second Amendment! | Political Vel Craft

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam SIGNED SB1028/HB1353: Felony To Aid Muslim Brotherhood With Money, Advice Or Any Other Aid!


U.S. District Judge Jorge A. Solis found Obama and Hilary Clinton have given nearly 600 million $$$$ taxpayers money to terrorists.


Come On ... this is AWFUL! You can spare 30 seconds to add your name to a petition to this poor bear out of this shameful situation. To Gov. Bill Haslam: CLOSE DOWN BEAR PIT IN PIGEON FORGE, TENNESSEE ... Please sign and share widely. No animal should live like this. This bear has the same feelings as your beloved dog or cat!


Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Signs Cannabis Oil Legalization Bill into Law On Monday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam signed a bill into law legalizing the use of low-THC cannabis oil to treat some medical conditions including severe seizure disorders and epilepsy.