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Clinton Impeached, disgraced the office of the President! LOSER!!! What a LOSER, the only one bigger, is the liar in chief in the White House right now, the worst EVER!


Fifteen Differences Between Democrats And Republicans


Monica Lewinsky confidante says Bill Clinton had multiple affairs

Chelsea and Bill Clinton have hit the road to campaign for Hillary Clinton, now the Democratic front-runner for the presidency. Here they ar shown in Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday

YES! Bill Clinton did give U.N. control over American Parks & Historical Sites: U.N. World Heritage Site & Biosphere Reserve designations are made by Executive Branch, With No Approval needed by Congress! Under the terms of the World Heritage Treaty, the President doesn't need to consult anyone before placing U.S. territory under the thumb of the U.N. That Now is 51 Million Acres & climbing.


Keep this in mind all you proud "African Americans" and all other interested parties who honor truth above deception and tradition. This goes for every other Negro that has been 'renamed' by Europeans based on where slavery left their descendants at post Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. #wakeupblackhebrews #researchforyourselves

Who Is The World In Debt To? Help end poverty now at

Who Is The World In Debt To?


"Today it is the unborn child; tomorrow it is likely to be the elderly or those who are incurably ill. Who knows but that a little later it may be anyone who has political or moral views that do not fit into the distorted new order?" ~ Dr. Mildred Jefferson Dr. Jefferson was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School.