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I believe Love has no limitations A Poem | The Grief Toolbox I feel you everyday right here beside me and when I talk to you I almost hear you answer or call my name . I feel you at night put your arms around me . I miss you so much Bill


Why does the Fed continue to pursue its failed "QE" policies? Really? "Not for the sake of the economy. Not for the sake of consumers. Not for the sake of the U.S. government," says Bill Bonner. No. It's all for the sake of the banks. And the five "too big to fail" banks in particular. --Where your tax dollars are going. And who is benefiting.

from the Guardian

Election 2016: Coalition leads Labor 51% to 49% in Essential poll – politics as it happened

Opposition leader Bill Shorten gives Chloe Shorten a bunch of orange roses during a street walk at Westfield Carindale in Brisbane which falls within the Federal electorate of Bonner this afternoon, Tuesday 31st May 2016.