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Bilingual Classroom

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Dual Language Labels for classroom supplies

Dual language labels for the classroom: 95+ labels of classroom supplies for dual language or bilingual classrooms. Labels are color-coded blue (English) and red (Spanish).

25 Unforgettably Hilarious Spanish Expressions & Idioms
from The Intrepid Guide

25 Unforgettably Hilarious Spanish Expressions & Idioms [Infographic]

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Spanish Time Flower Clock Kit

Final hours at 50% off! This is a fun kit to decorate the clock in your Spanish classroom and help your students learn how to tell time in Spanish. Comes with yellow petals and green stems/leaves and a white version to print on your own colored or patterned paper if you'd like.

from Spanish Playground

Attention Getters in Spanish

Attention getters in Spanish are rhymes or songs to get kids listening. They are fun sources of language for Spanish learners. Free printable list.


Hola, hola coca cola. Que te pasa calabaza? Nada, nada limonada. Otra cosa, mariposa. No se, Jose. Te explico, Federico? De volon, pin pon. Hola, crayola. De nada, empanada.