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Biggleswade Town FC

Rosalind, the mayor of Catchwood, a town in the east of Tir Alaind on the road from Biggleswade, home of the fauns, to Aes Sidhe, home of the faeries. The first novel is called The Tome of Worlds and is set in the tapestry of Tir Alaind.


Map of Biggleswade created in 2011 for Thomson Directories. One of approximately 350 UK town and city maps produced royalty free. Find out more... or read our blog...


Remembrance Day: Children banned from marching for 'safety reasons'

Scouts in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire have been banned from marching in a town's Remembrance Day parade next month for "safety reasons"

Here are the details of a job I recently completed in the town of Biggleswade, which lies on the River Ivel in Bedfordshire. My client had a fantastic red and black Victorian tiled floor with a topical seal. However, she also had a new addition to the family in the form of a new puppy and, as I’m sure most of you reading will know, puppies can be very messy and additionally urine contains Uric acid which can eat away at sealers.