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Bud Light’s latest advertisement has a big problem

The world's biggest beer company produced an ad that has a deep problem at its core.

Heineken & Sam Adams boycott St. Patrick's Day parades in NYC, Boston; withdraw sponsorship

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The world's biggest beer company is in purgatory

The world's biggest beer company is in purgatory

The two biggest beer companies alone control over 200 brands of beer in 42 countries.


Carlsberg, the fifth biggest brewery in the world originates from Copenhagen and is one of the largest Danish companies. At the visitor center in Valby, just outside the city center, is the Carlsberg Beer Museum. As part of the museum they have some Dutch brewery horses. The horses and wagens still parade around Copenhagen from time to time.

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China Just Bought the World's Biggest Beer Brand

Snow beer, the top-selling beer in the world—even if you haven't heard of it—just got sold from one giant beer company to another.


Heineken was once brewed in Amsterdam. The old brewery is still here on the Stadhouderskade.

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Review: ‘Fallout 4’ is a fantastic, familiar trip through the apocalypse

October 17, 1814: The London Beer Flood. When London beer companies started competing to see who could make the biggest beer vat, it could only lead to disaster. 8 people were killed when a giant vat burst in St. Giles Rookery, and when the injured were taken to hospital, it almost caused a riot there. Photo is of a typical London slum of the period.


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