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Supernatural 11.10 The Devil In The Details. I LOVED the lighting in this episode

"And rule #1?" "Watch out for Sammy." - And now he's a Demon chasing Sam with an axe. Oh look, I made myself sad.

Oh Dean, just because someone is shorter than you and Sammy doesn't mean they're "short". You silly.

Diggle and Felicity #Arrow ♥ like brother and sister

Erin got up on the stage, and prepared to do that oh so terrifying front flip. Suddenly, she closed her eyes, sprinted and threw herself into the air. She expected to crash... but then she heard the crowd cheer. She opened her eyes and her brothers were standing, cheering louder than anyone

I'm going to ignore the actual caption and go with this instead... I think Dean arranged Sam to look like he was just sleeping. And Dean knew exactly what position Sam is usually in when he sleeps because he's Sam's big brother and he's been watching over him while he sleeps for his entire life.

Supernatural // Season 3 Scene // Dean Winchester Sad // Brothers

I really hope they get back to 'Sam and Dean', as opposed to 'Sam' and 'Dean', which is where we are now.

One of my favorite scenes from the show along with one of my favorite quotes. Supernatural

8x21 The Great Escapist [gifset] - "Hey, little big man, you should get some rest."