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we have a beautiful jay who visits the herb garden every morning - great to see…

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Chaffinch - another popular garden bird. I wonder how they'll fare in the #birdwatch this year?

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The Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle (Geranoaetus melanoleucus) is a bird of prey of the hawk and eagle family (Accipitridae). It lives in open regions of South America.

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Now, where DID that woodpecker go? Bird plays hide and seek with sparrowhawk.

Now, where DID that woodpecker go? Bird plays hide and seek with sparrowhawk

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English Robin. They liked to come around whenever we were gardening, hoping we'd turn up some bugs or worms for them.

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A birdwatcher's dream: Amazing montage photograph captures array of birds visiting a feeder over 20-minutes

The photograph was released by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as part of their Big Garden Birdwatch, now in its 34th year.

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Blue tit this bird can look good in slotting technique so I think that I will use it.

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Pictures of the day: 6 December 2010

Thousands of starlings surround a lone bird of prey which had swooped down to pick off a straggler. "Starlings have a very particular way of defending themselves from their predators like falcons and harriers. They form a large tightly packed flock and mob their enemy, scaring it off, frequently expanding and contracting and changing shape."

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