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ERP Infographic: Data Quality In BI The Costs And Benefits - Infographic design Find out more about business intelligence software:


24 Daily Habits that Will Make you Smarter #infographic


آخرین مهلت ثبت نام در دوره آموزشی مبانی هوش کسب و کار #irbusinessintelligence #آي_بيگ #placabi #BI #business_intelligence #پلاک_آبي #businessintelligence #هوش_تجاري #هوش_کسب_و_کار

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In this article about BI (Business Intelligence) we attempt to walk around the topic with a practical approach: where the concept of business intelligence derives from, what relationship it has with the collected data, how a company database can support the processes of an enterprise and what roles data have in this system.


بایدها و نبایدهایی در زمینه‌ی کلان داده ها ( Big Data ) #آی_بیگ #placabi #BI #business_intelligence #پلاک_آبی #businessintelligence #irbusinessintelligence #هوش_تجاری #هوش_کسب_و_کار

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Microsoft Integrates Cortana Into Its Power

Microsoft Integrates Cortana Into Its Power BI Business Intelligence ServiceWhen Microsoft has a technology it likes it loves to bring it to all of its platforms and services. Right now its Cortana personal assistant is clearly one of these technologies. Microsoft today announced that Cortana is coming to more desktops in the enterprise. The company is integrating the service into Power BI its business intelligence tool that its worth noting already had Read More