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Like Roald Dahl books, they had gore in them (like when the giants in BFG actually ate people and The Twits where the horrible people shrunk away).

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Your 7 favourite Roald Dahl characters

The beloved author was known for creating fascinating and twisted characters – BBC Culture readers choose their favourites.

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Roald Dahl tops list of teachers' favourite authors, while Julia Donaldson's The Gruffalo wins best children's book

The BFG was one of my favourite books to read as a child. The way it was written and the way the characters are made are hard to copy which makes it a great book. The illustrations are amazing and the colour choice are appropriate too.

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The Gentle Giant - Large Fully Costumed Marionette

Giants often cop a bad rap in the old legends, whether theyre helping their stomachs to a struggling villages livestock or munching down on the peasantry themselves. Like dragons, there is an almost endless variety of giants to choose from, whether its the Frost giants (Jotunn) of Norse mythology, the beanstalk-dwellers and golden egg-hoarders of fairytales, or the eclectic parade of ruffians in Roald Dahls book The BFG. I like to think that they are largely misunderstood creatures who…


Students created dream jars from Roald Dahl's story "The BFG." This teacher has created a bookshelf bulletin board display, along with a large drawing of the BFG, to showcase her students' dream jar projects.