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20 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

probiotic-rich foods. Your gut is your second 'brain'; when sugar, antibiotics, and other things destroy good bacteria, it can create food allergies (via a progression of untreated Candida), IBS, fatigue, and a host of other problems. If you only take one supplement, take a good probiotic.

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9 Probiotic Picks From a Detox Expert

Get your digestive system back on track with one of these supplement picks from an integrative medicine pioneer.

NUTRILITE® INTESTIFLORA 7 - 30 Stick Packs by NUTRILITE. NUTRILITE INTESTIFLORA 7 delivers a concentrated blend of live probiotic cultures and the prebiotics that encourage their growth. Daily use can aid in the digestion of dairy products and help relieve occasional minor diarrhea that may result from changes in diet, eating habits, or stress.

Probiotic supplements can help keep your whole family healthy. Here's a probiotic guide and a list of the best rated probiotic supplements!


The best way to get the benefits of probiotic bacteria naturally is to make your own fermented foods. Here's how Dr. David Williams make fermented vegetables.