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My Secret Weapon that Picks Up More Dog Hair

The easiest way to remove the most dog hair from carpet | Carpet Rake


Faster than a speeding turtle, able to leap on laps (when caught) in a single bound; it's a boar, it's a snorting Roomba - NO - It's SUPER PUG!!!!!


5+ Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Owners

5+ Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Owners ... see more at ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers


Choosing the Best Vacuum for Pet According to Home Layouts

Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum Bissell


10 Grooming Products That Save Time and Money

Grooming a dog, especially a long-haired dog, can end up costing a small fortune and take a lot of time. Here are 10 products that can help save you time, money, or both! #1 - Dyson Groom Tool If you have a Dyson Vacuum and a medium to long-haired dog, than you need this attachment. It brushes and then sucks the loose hair right off your dog. Saves you time since you won�t have to pick up all that dog hair after brushing, and there will be less falling around the house.


How to Fix a Dripping Guinea Pig Water Bottle

Guinea pig water bottles provide the best means of providing water to a pet rodent. Securely attached upside down to a cage, they can’t be tipped over, and they ensure that water does not get contaminated by pieces of food, guinea pig hair or droppings. Sometimes they can drip, which can ruin bedding in the cage. Vacuum pressure is a common...