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Helleborus purpurascens - Often the first flowers can be seen low to the ground in December (usually before the new foliage appears), but they continue to open as the red-spotted stems grow, right through until early spring. A variable but very pretty deciduous clump-forming perennial that makes excellent groundcover in partial shade.


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Astrantia major Claret great black masterwort Garden care: Astrantias do not like to dry out. Incorporate plenty of organic matter when planting and water well in dry weather especially newly established plants. Lift and divide large clumps in early spring and apply a generous 5-7cm mulch of well-rotted manure or garden compost around the plant. Divided specimens may take some time to establish since they don't like having their roots disturbed.


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Salvia × jamensis 'Nachtvlinder' - Velvet-like plum-purple petals form hooded flowers over a long period in summer and autumn. Fully hardy in freely draining soils, this bushy shrub will become drought tolerant once established.


African Starflower Or Carrion Flower (stapelia): Your perennial succulent plant is a species of Stapelia, of which there are many species and varieties, with flowers that are dramatic and unusual. Needs very well draining soil, preferably a cactus mix, water only when the soil feels dry to the touch, provide afternoon shade for areas with hot summers and feed lightly with a water soluble fertilizer at 1/4 the dilution rate. Cut back on water and feeding during the winter months when it is…

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Dazzling Photos of Rot and Fungus

Estonian artist Heikki Leis and his Afterlife: fungus and rotting food (via Flavorwire)


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Position: full sun or partial shade; Soil: fertile, well-drained, neutral soil; Rate of growth: average to fast-growing; Flowering period: December to February; Flower colour: rich claret; Other fe...