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What kind of footwear should you wear hiking? How about running a trail? What kind of boots should you wear when carrying a heavy pack? These tips will help you match the right footwear to your activity:


With Women's Smartwool Hiking Socks, there's no itching, no scratching. Your feet don't sweat, they don't stink ... best of all they don't complain!


Yes, they look funky, chunky and thoroughly fun. They're made almost entirely of soft, moisture-wicking, naturally odor-resistant Merino wool - a huge treat for feet.


After my blisters healed, I switched from taping my heels with duct tape to something called Leukotape. Not only is it tougher than duct tape, but it is stickier too and you can wear it for days at a time without having to replace it. That’s especially good on winter hiking and mountaineering trips when your feet sweat under gaiters and multiple layers of socks and you want tape that will stay stuck.