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How to Reseal Granite Counters

How to Reseal Granite Counters | eHow To determine if it needs a touch up, pour a fe drops of water on it - if the do pelts bead up, you're fine. If they seep into the granite, time to reveal. 511 Impregnator sealer by Miracle Sealants Company, available at stone suppliers and hardware stores

Granite Sealer Review: durability, quality, brand comparison and choices for sealing granite, marble and natural stone countertops and floor tile.


A Dream Design on a Dime – Faux Granite better than the real thing

Really good tutorial on painting faux granite counters using tinted primer, craft paint, and a really good self-leveling sealer.


Stone Backsplash tips: typically you can get 3-5 years out of one coat before you have to reseal the stone. Many popular types of kitchen stone (including granite, marble, slate and limestone) absorb oil and water, so when the time comes to reseal, it’s best to find an oil-repellant sealer. Also use natural sopas or neutral ph detergents when cleaning your stone backsplash.