Life factory glass bottles. I have dropped this glass bottle a number of times and it has not broken. The mouth of bottle is wide to allow for cleaning with a brush.

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Rent Out Rooms in Your Home | The Growing Share-conomy | Websites that manage home rentals: AirB+B, Wimdo, HomeAway | Be the Best: 1. Remove personal affects, toiletries, 2. Use Tie Straps to secure closets, 3. Layer in Extras: good sheets, bathrobe, fresh bar of soap, bottled soap with pump, travel pack, salts, magazines, complimentary water, glasses, docking station for iPod, bar fridge, coffee maker, 4. Create a Neighbourhood Guide of services, fav restaurants | The Marilyn Denis Show

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#4: Brieftons Glass Water Bottles: 6 Pack Large 18 Oz Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Lid Premium Soda Lime BPA Free Best As Reusable Drinking Bottle Sauce Jar Juice Container Kombucha and Kefir Kit

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