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The 10 Most Popular Posts of December (and All of 2011) — Best of 2011

You know how you check the time, and sometimes you're SO surprised by how much time has passed (often, wasted) that you have to say it to yourself out loud to really sink in, like "What? It's 11 o' clock??!" Well, this does it silently. I NEED this clock.


9 best turntables under £500


Best Gaming Setup in The World

MAN CHAIR!!! Ha! Emperor 1510 LX If you have a computer science degree, you may qualify for an affinity discount on your home and auto insurance at Michael Carey Insurance Agency. With bundling of the home and auto the discounts could be as much as


31 Men's Style Outfits Every Guy Should Look At For Inspiration

We get constant e-mails from you guys about how much you love our curated outfit inspirations, and we understand why, seeing a well put together outfit is the best way to up your own fashion game by finding out what you really like and applying it to your


Safety tips for cyclists

A cyclist jacket that has a LED display that indicates the direction they are going to help ensure safety.


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HYT H3 Hands-On: A Best-Of-2015 Watch - by Ariel Adams - see more hands-on pictures & why we like it - on "Now that 2015 is about over, I have been asked on a number of occasions 'what were your favorite watches of the year?' That is a good question - especially for someone who categorically refuses to choose favorites. With that said, a fair number of watches from the last 12 months have certainly left big impressions on me, such as the HYT H3..."