The Best Fishing Lures For Bass Fishing -

This is the best fishing lure DIY we've seen yet!! What a great way to re-purpose and recycle your bottle caps! Thanks Bruce! #session #fishing #craftbeer

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Many years ago in anticipation for an upcoming fishing trip I decided to purchase my very own fishing lure. This neon beauty caught my eye and my husband mocked me saying the lure had worked because it was designed to catch a fisherman and not fish. It has been the BEST fishing lure EVER! I even caught a 22 lb muskie with it. HOT STEEL, Baby! It's what I fish with. ;)

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9 Best Fishing Lures in History - In-Fisherman

One of The Best Fishing Lures For Catching Bass - Twister Tail by TurtleDog

A collection of antique fishing lures and related items that I put together for the Fisherman who has everything else! #fishinglures

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