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Best Underwater Photographer of the Year Competition: Stunning image of mako shark wins top award


Underwater Photography Portfolio: Coral Reefs, Clown Fish, Sea Turtles and SCUBA Divers | Underwater Photography and Travel Photography by Tommy Schultz


Nudibranch, Philippines Photograph by Libor Spacek, My Shot Nudibranchs, nicknamed "nudis," are best known for the impossible array of colors and designs they sport. They derive coloring, as well as toxicity, from the food they eat. Their wild hues tell potential predators, "You'd best look elsewhere for a meal."


Fearless couple swims with hammerhead sharks in Bahamas

Caroline Robertson-Brown said she and her husband were more worried about snapping 'the best photo possible' than any dangers


In pictures: The world's best underwater photographs 2010

Underwater Photos Beautiful collection of amazing free underwater wildlife photographs, free photos of wildlife from oceans and lakes around the globe; from sharks and schooling fish with scuba swimmers to brightly colored reef corals, fish and macro sh