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Tornado GR4 Fighter jet. Many people don't approve of these mighty machines disturbing the tranquility of the mountains of Snowdonia. However, there is a purpose to these training flights and the best that anyone can do is to pray that they will never have to be used in anger defending our freedom and way of life.


SEPECAT Jaguar - Derided as an underpowered, unreliable and unsophisticated type in its early years, the Jaguar evolved into a well-loved, rugged and incredibly reliable strike aircraft and was an export success despite the best efforts of one half of the type's creators. From an enthusiast's point of view this was one charismatic cat, and its retirement from RAF service was a sad day. - See more at:


Best plane ever, I would learn to fly just for this plane and if I could afford a replica I'd use it all the time!


Returning to the skies, the oldest jet fighter in the world: British built Meteor to fly again 70 years after its maiden flight

Refuelling Gloster Meteors aircraft at Druffield in Yorkshire. By 1951 there were 20 RAF squadrons flying the Meteor and it became one of the best-loved aircraft in the air force inventory


The Harrier, informally referred to as the Jump Jet, is a family of military jet aircraft capable of vertical/short takeoff and landing operations. Historically the she was developed in Britain to operate from ad-hoc facilities such as car parks or forest clearings, avoiding the need for large air bases vulnerable to tactical nuclear weapons. Later the design was adapted for use from aircraft carriers. The Harrier is also subsonic, contrasting with most of the modern Western attack aircraft.


Sort of a “super” Typhoon, the Hawker Tempest had unbelievable technical qualities for a World War 2 airplane. Starting in 1944, it became what was probably the best British propeller fighter aircraft of the war. Thanks to its capacities, the Tempest was responsible for the loss of twenty German Me 262 (the first operational jet aircraft).


Fighter Pilot in cockpit. Another possibility of a level would be, similar to that of the driving or racing, pilot, flying etc.