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Best Exercise For Traps

from Take Fitness

The Best Trap Exercises For Mass

Nothing says you’ve entered full-on beast mode like a bit set of traps. They’re a clear indicator of strength and a weight training background, they help frame a well-built chest, shoulder and biceps perfectly, and quite frankly they look awesome. Here we’ll cover a few of the best trap exercises for mass and how to …


A lot has been written about the yoke and its development. The shrug (and it's many variations) are probably the #1 exercise for developing massive traps. The EFS Rickshaw is the best shrug machine that I've used. It has three handles to choose from; the fat bar handles are great for improving gr...

from Take Fitness

The Best Glute Exercises for Mass

Here we’ll take a look at some basic anatomy & some of the best mass building exercises for glutes, including the big compound lifts & isolation exercises.

from Take Fitness

The Best Bicep Exercises for Mass

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The Best Stretch for Every Tight Spot in Your Body

1. Neck #fitness #stretches #yoga