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from Body Building Advisor

Top 10 Best Dumbbell Exercises to Explode Your Arm Muscles

To build big arm muscles you need to work them intensely and with heavy weights. Dumbbell exercises are the best for that because they allow you to hit each arm individually in a wide range of moti...

from POPSUGAR Fitness

12 Dumbbell Exercises For Strong, Chiseled Arms

Grab some dumbbells and find out how to get ripped arms fast! Depending on your strength, grab at least two size weights ranging from five to 15 pounds so you can switch up the appropriate size dumbbells for each move. get fit for free, getting in shape

from Fitness Magazine

15-Minute Sexy Back and Butt Circuit

Best Dumbbell Exercises: Read on to know about top 10 dumbbells exercise and their benefits.

from Men's Health

The 70 Best Bodyweight Exercises to Seek and Destroy Fat

70 Best Bodyweight Cardio Exercises | Men's Health - this is a great video (and not just for men!). So many ideas for a fun workout with little to no equipment needed.

from SELF

6 Incredible Dumbbell Exercises For Your Butt

What’s the one piece of equipment that’s guaranteed to be at every gym in every city? Dumbbells. Sure the weights are basic, and expected, but training with them is incredibly effective. That’s why it’s important to have a few go-to dumbbell butt exercises in your repertoire—it’ll help keep your regular fitness routine feeling fresh and amps up the challenge of classic bodyweight exercises.

from Men's Health

100 Exercises You Can Do With a 10-Pound Dumbbell

Don’t underestimate a 10-pound dumbbell. They can challenge your body in an entirely new way, especially if you’re used to lifting heavy. Lighter weights target the small muscles that stabilize your joints—muscles that get overpowered by larger ones when you use heavier weights.