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The NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants #infographic #Plants #Home…

The NASA Guide to Air-Filtering Houseplants #infographic

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Christo Unveils Inflatable, Light-Infused Installation in Germany

Christo. The “largest indoor sculpture ever made”. Opened on March 16 2013, the inflated “Big Air Package” was designed to occupy a 117-meter-tall former gas tank known as Gasometer Oberhausen in Germany. The 90-meter-high, 50-meter-wide sculpture was made from 20,350 square metres of semi-transparent polyester fabric and 4,500 meters of rope, with a volume of 177,000 cubic metres. This was the first major work after the passing of his wife and artistic partner Jeanne-Claude in 2009

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6 House Plants that Clean Your Air

5. Peace Lily: Peace lilies could be called the “clean-all.” They’re often placed in bathrooms or laundry rooms because they’re known for re...

Top 10 House Plants for Clean Indoor Air | The Healthy Home Economist | The Healthy Home Economist
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These Plants Are Oxygen Bombs And They Clean The Air At Your Home

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NASA Has Compiled a List of the Best Air-Cleaning Plants for Your Home

Many of us spend most of our time indoors, so it’s important to cultivate a space that’s a healthy one. A simple—and beautiful—way to do this is through houseplants; they add some green to your home while being an effective way to purify the air. NASA hardly seems like the organization that would give us …

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How To Purify The Air In Your Home With These Plants (According To NASA)

The 17 Best Air-Purifying Houseplants (According To NASA)

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This Graphic Shows the Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA

This Graphic Shows the Best Air-Cleaning Plants, According to NASA

Way back in the glorious year of NASA researchers published a Clean Air study based on the work they’d done trying to figure out the best way to purify air in space stations. Knowing that astronauts are locked up in a tiny space with recycled air, th

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