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Mud Masque Italian Tomato Leaf 6 Ounces by Devita Skin Care. Save 39 Off!. $15.22. 6 Ounces Liquid. Serving Size:. Pore Purge In Progress... An intense detoxifying and cleansing masque designed to purge impurities and bring increased circulation to the surface of the skin. This natural masque is a luxurious treat made from 3 different types of clay - rare Montmorillonite from Spain and Italy, plus Bentonite and Kaolin. DeVita then blends them together with pure Tomato Lycopene Complex (TL...

Bentonite Clay: 10 Health Benefits & Uses #naturalremedy #diybeauty #health -

from Joybilee Farm

Cure Tooth Decay with remineralizing tooth powder

You can cure tooth decay with this diy remineralizing toothpaste and some lifestyle changes.


Colon Maintenance - 90 Capsules per Bottle (2 Pack) by Vitabase. Save 5 Off!. $16.95. Vitabase colon maintenance includes ingredients such as fiber to help maintain regularity, absorptive agents for toxins in the intestinal tract, intestinal scrubbers, probiotics and soothing agents for the intestinal lining. Colon Maintenance Proprietary Blend (Consisting of Psyllium Husks, Bentonite Clay, Black Walnut Hull Powder, Oat Bran Powder, Flaxseed Powder, Prune Powder, Aloe Vera Po...


DIY: Bentonite Clay + Tea Tree Soap

Easy Homemade Bentonite Clay and Tea Tree Soap! Melt and Pour!


Make your own DIY natural mineral loose powder foundation out of ingredients…

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8 Herbs That Kill Internal Parasites Naturally

Internal parasites are more common than most people realize. There's a pretty good chance that you and a third of the people you know have them.