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Benghazi Wiki

Latest WikiLeaks dump: Hitlery staff insults Catholics, Hispanics, southerners, beauty pageant contestants, calls CNN’s Jake Tapper and Bill Richardson “d!cks” (10/14/16)

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Dick Cheney's Latest Lessons In Reckless Leadership

What a dick!


WIKILEAKS DROPS LATEST HILLARY BOMB: PROOF She Was FED QUESTIONS & ANSWE.. Published on Oct 13, 2016 MORE HILLARY CLINTON LIES! - Julian Assange LATEST HILLARY BOMBSHELL: She's EXPOSED as a FAKE & is NOW "Crawling On The Floor!" ~~ Links: 1) WIKILEAKS Email Chain - Proof of Hillary fed questions and word for word her answer... 2) 3) Thumbnail image - Julian Assange and Hillary Clinton screaming Meme, Creat.

Jack Abramoff Goes Off On Hillary: ‘Most Corrupt Person In History Of United States To Get This Close To The Presidency’

Newly Released Documents Reveal What Hillary Clinton Was REALLY Doing During The Benghazi Brief | Truth & Action

"We Just Got A Tip" - Email Leak Reveals More Collusion Between State Department And Hillary Campaign WikiLeaks - DOS Tip

Business as usual. . . and justice for all (snicker, snicker...)

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Aug 3 DNC Wikileaks Scandal Continues: Three More Top Officials Resign

DNC Wikileaks Scandal Continues: Three More Top Officials Resign

Benghazi Email Leak Coming From Wiki-Leaks

Here's a start to wiki leaks on Hillary concerning Bengazi