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Trey Gowdy - "We're gonna pick up the pace" on Benghazi investigation - YouTube

Obama Benghazi Investigation:Why Obama Hid the Truth of Chris Stevens Killing @ Benghazi !? - YouTube

GOP Lawmaker Says Benghazi Investigation Will Lead to Hillary Clinton: 'It Was Her Show' | 4-1-14

"He would not give me that assurance.” trey gowdy tells what dems are doing to block benghazi investigation w/ a damaging letter

Oct 19 Trey Gowdy Literally Walks Out After Dropping Hillary, Comey & Reporters During News Conference


Senator: Benghazi survivors blamed attack on terrorism in FBI interviews

Terrorism: This source is about survivors from Benghazi interviewed by the FBI blaming the attacks on terrorism. Benghazi was a place in Libya that got attacked on September 11, 2012.


‘Revolving door’? Ties between consultancy, gov’t raise questions about Benghazi probe

Implications for Benghazi investigation? I have been furious with the Democrats blocking investigations into Benghazi, but not Mike Rogers is connected in a very suspicious way. How can we get facts when both sides have motivations to NOT get to the bottom of what happened and the media is just ignoring it?