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Benelli M4; 12ga, auto loader, Surefire foreend and weaponlight, magpul AFG, Mesa Tactical side saddle, benelli collapsible stock.


Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. Another wishlist item for me. What a beautiful piece of hardware.


Benelli M4 The official shotgun of the US Marines. Shotguns remain the king of close-quarter battle. Consider that an M4s bullet has about 1,200 foot pounds of muzzle energy, and a 12-gauge shotgun blast has more than 3,000 foot pounds of muzzle energy. In a room or corridor, a man with a shotgun is superior to opposition armed with rifles.


In battle this soldier would carry a Grenade launcher and an m4 carbine on his back, he would also be holding a Benelli m4 tactical shotgun and an m9 pistol on his leg holster and 10 pounds of c4 explosives and an HK121 machine gun over his shoulder.

Benelli M4 Super90 semi-auto shotgun. No pumping required. XD Booyah!

“ Benelli M4 One of the best semi-auto shotguns out there on the market. Currently in use with several law enforcement and military forces across the world. Extremely fast and can be adapted with rail...