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The Garden Grazer: 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Matcha

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How to Make a Healthy Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte

The Benefits of Matcha Green Tea and a Recipe for Starbucks Green Tea Latte

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Best Supplement - Enhance performance!

THE BEST SUPPLEMENT TO ENHANCE PERFORMANCE! NEED SOME MACA & MATCHA! 9 SUPERFOODS AND their HEALTH BENEFITS: Add this to your Smoothie #BiteSizeWellness #superfoods #healthbenefits

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Matcha provides trace minerals & vitamins (A, B-complex, C, E, & K), is rich in catechin polyphenols - compounds with high antioxidant activity that offer protection against many kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease & slow the aging process. Helps reduce harmful cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, reduce blood pressure & enhance the resistance of the body to many toxins. The most important polyphenol in matcha is EGCG which is 137X the amount as other green teas.

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We really like the #design of this #Infographic - something to think about when creating your own :)

We really like the #design of this #Infographic - something to think about when creating your own :)

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Health Benefits of Matcha Tea Powder - Read more here:

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Health Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Matcha Source for matcha green tea powder

Here are 10 health benefits of using matcha green tea powder. - Matcha Green Tea Energy Drink - 8 to 16 oz water - 1/4 tsp matcha green tea powder - a few drops of liquid stevia (optional) - Fill a bottle almost to the top. Add the matcha powder and a few drops of liquid stevia. Put the lid on and shake until everything dissolves.

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