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Yes! ♥! If Dr. Carson does decide to run for president, he's got my vote. Just sayin'


Ben CARSON For President Euro Oval Stickers

MARCO Rubio for President Euro Oval Sticker

from Mail Online

Ben Carson says he would 'not agree' to electing a Muslim president

No Muslim should ever become President says Ben Carson, adding that Islam is 'inconsistent' with the US Constitution. (20 September 2015)

Ben Carson staffer pulls the plug on CNN's Jake Tapper over Muslim comments | Daily Mail Online How about we talk about real issues and stop trying to demonize Carson for speaking the truth on what ANY potential president needs to do! The F'n world is about to blow up!!!

from Mail Online

Whoopi Goldberg EVISCERATES Ben Carson on The View for endorsing Trump

Ben Carson was attacked repeatedly by the women of The View on Thursday, who questioned how he could support Donald Trump for president given his many racial and sexist statements. *** I will never watch The View again, nor any of the women that participated in this attack.***


"Once more, I step aside Lord, let your voice resonate above all." Heal, Inspire, Revive Ben Carson for President 2016