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The Algea are Greek Goddesses of Suffering. They are daughters of Eris, the Goddess of Strife. The Algea are referred to as being ”full of weeping,” and they governed suffering of both body and mind. They are named Akhos (“distress”), Ania (“grief”), and Lupe (“pain”). This is Lupe.


people should read about this man just to know this stuff for themselves and stop waiting for the school system of your hometown to provide you with this information.


After Police Asked Them Not To Tweet About The Lockdown, Belgians Began Tweeting Cute Cat Pictures

This weekend, Belgium's government placed the country and its capital city of Brussels under the highest level of terror alert due to an "imminent threat." The capital's metro and schools have been shut down through Monday.

Leo Bormans is the author of the international bestseller "The World Book of Happiness". He has been working for more than 20 years for the Belgium government on empowerment and active citizenship. Now he is an international ambassador of Happiness & Quality ...


Armed military men stand guard in front of a restaurant in downtown Brussels, Belgium, 21 November 2015. Last night Belgium raised the alert status at Level 4/4 as 'serious and imminent' threat of an attack, the main effect are closing of all Metro Line in Brussels, all soccer match of league one and two cancelled countrywide. Belgium government said 'the advice for the population is to avoid places where a lot of people come together like shopping centres, concerts, events or pu...

New authorised biography also reveals papal delegate at upcoming synod wrote letter to Belgium government supporting same-sex 'marriage' ...


Image Source: List25 The Belgium Wave was a series of UFO’s that were seen between the years of 1989 and 1990. Thousands of locals reported seeing the UFO’s which were large, silent and black triangles. They apparently had bright lights underneath shown in the image above. The government stated that they were just helicopters.