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Beautiful Belgian shepherd!From your friends at phoenix dog in home dog training"k9katelynn" see more about Scottsdale dog training at! Pinterest with over 19,900 followers! Google plus with over 133,000 views! You tube with over 400 videos and 50,000 views!! Serving the valley for 11 plus years

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Belgian Shepherd (Tervuren). Known for their versatility, loyalty and trainability, this breed is highly intelligent and alert. Needs careful socialization to prevent them from becoming nervous and potentially aggressive. They are natural protectors. Due to their high maintenance nature, they are not recommended for first time dog owners.

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#VetsSomerset The Belgian Tervuren is a herding dog and versatile worker. The highest value is to be placed on qualities that maintain these abilities, specifically, correct temperament, gait, bite and coat.

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Black wolves...beautiful. The one on the right looks just like my girlfriend's wolf Sarge!

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tervuren dog photo | Belgian Tervuren Dog DNA Breed Testing - Canine DNA Testing - Dog-DNA ...

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Tervuren Belgian. Dogs are a little too photoshopped, but the charbonage on the male adult is beautiful.

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Pretty Tervuren picture. I'll let him stay with my Belgian Sheepdog pictures for now, rather than building a new board.

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Chiots TERVUEREN - Mauléon d'armagnac. #pointyears #;) Visit for more breed information.

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A Belgian Tervuren is a serious and watchful breed with a substantial protective and territorial instinct. The breed excels as a law enforcement officials dog, search and rescue doggy and natural guardian.

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