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Brabant, or Belgian Trekpaard, stallion Branco. Roans are quite common, as are solid colors. The Belgian Draft Horse of the US is more likely descended from the Flemish Horse and is flaxen chestnut in color. photo: Ton van der Weede.


Trekpaarden Draft Horses Chevaux de Trait descendants of Dutch or Belgian draft...... beautiful.....pure power! What Beautiful handsome animals!!


by Peter Tendler ( ~ Horse Peter, Germany) ~ Picture of the Biggest workhorse I've ever seen! Massive strength!


American Belgian draft stallion. Leggier and lighter-looking if not always lighter weight, than the classic Brabant. Most are pangaré flaxen chestnut while most European horses are bay and roan. This popular draft breed may have significant Flemish draft horse heritage. The Flemish horse is another Belgian draft breed that is flaxen chestnut and leggy. photo: Mark Barrett.

from Mail Online

The world's tallest horse meets the world's smallest

Radar, at 6 ft. 7 1/2 in. from hoof to shoulder, is from Mount Pleasant, Texas. At 2,400 lb., he has a giant appetite to match, putting away 20 gallons of water a day and 18 lb. of grain.


Zeus, a giant Belgian Draft horse. He is a shocking 21.5 hands-- or 7 feet, 2 inches -- tall and weighs 3,100 pounds. Zeus came to the hotel last fall because he was too big for his former owner, a Maine farmer to harness, and now lives at the resort's horseback riding stable. (Omni Mount Washington Resort)✨