Beijing summer olympic medals

Liukin earned her fifth Olympic medal, a silver medal in the balance beam final, on August 19 at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

2012 olympic medals | Medal designs vary with each Games: Beijing's featured jade on the ...

2008 Beijing Summer Winner's Medal, 2008 Beijing Summer Prize Medals

In 2008, at the Beijing Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps broke an Olympic record and became the most decorated gold medalist in history. Phelps won eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics, resulting in an astonishing 19 gold medals throughout his Olympic career. Phelps is now a swimming legend with a record extremely difficult to beat. (Courtney Petersen)

US men 400m freestyle relay, wins gold, but almost derailed Phelps' chances of winning 8 gold medals when Jason Lezak trailed by more than half a body length with 50 meters left. #comebackkid

Usain Bolt Rio 2016 Olympics Porformance || Rio Olympics 2016 Usain Bolt Videos By Trendz On

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