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Olympic Values. Great for Camp.

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Headlines - Hot Stuff | The Dalai Lama and his followers are determined to rain on Beijing's Olympic torch parade.

Expanding torch for Rio 2016 Olympic Games unveiled.

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For coloring pages but also using the puppet printables for storytime handouts

2008 Beijing Olympic torch.

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2008 China coca cola Beijing Olympic Torch Relay 3 cans set 355ml empty #cocacola #can

Brunel PhD student Nick Tiller (left) and graduate Ainsley Bell (right) holding the Beijing Olympic Torch at Brunel University Court in May 2012. Nick and Ainsley were chosen as Olympic Torchbearers because of their achievements and charity work. Brunel University Court 2012 by Brunel University, via Flickr

Evotherm was used to pave the Olympic torch route for the Beijing Olympic Games. | 080425_JTSe_5581.jpg | We were there prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics at the same time the Olympic Torch was being carried up Everest. The Chinese government "requested" that Nepal close Everest to climbers. Our day packs were searched a second time looking for any "Free Tibet" paraphernalia. Seen while on the trek up the Khumbu Valley to Everest Base Camp in Nepal that we did with REI Adventures in April and May of 2008 To read about th...

Beijing Olympics 2008 keychain

Beijing Olympics 2008 keychain Beijing Olympics mascots, one has 3 green pieces missing as shown in photo other than that in great shape. Each of the 5 mascots represents some aspect of Chinese culture: Jingjing - the Panda / Forest: Blessing of Happiness (Black & White) Huanhuan - The Olympic Flame/ Fire: Blessing of Passion (Red) Yingying - Tibetan Antelope / Earth: Blessing of Health (Yellow) Nini - the Swallow/ Sky: Good Luck (Green) Accessories